Hello, I’m Allanah. I help organizations tell heartfelt and meaningful stories. I work as a producer, writer, and communications consultant on social impact campaigns. My main expertise is health and safety. I started my company, Lionheart Productions, a decade ago, to help companies and non-profits tell a better story. I had often seen corporate and non-profit storytelling that lacked heart and failed to engage an audience. I have since told hundred of stories designed to connect your audience to your cause.

I produced Teck’s multi-year Courageous Safety Leadership campaign which resulted in a 125% decrease in high potential incidents. I’m now developing a documentary mental health web series,
Making a Comeback, designed to transform the understanding and treatment of mental illness. I am also a TEDx speaker. In my talk, Rebranding Mental Health, I share a marketing solution to the stigma problem.  

Prior to founding Lionheart, I was the Director of Community Relations for the Vancouver Canucks. Accomplishments there included co-founding the Canucks Family Education Centre, and creating Fins Friends, a literacy based character education program which has since benefited over 5,ooo classrooms.

I am passionate about the art and science of storytelling. Stories are a powerful force for social justice. It’s my honour and life’s calling to tell stories that have a transformative effect on our communities.

Contact me and let’s work together.

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